What is Personality ?

Your personality is your organizing principle. Personality propels you on your life path. It represents the orderly arrangements all your attributes, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior.
The word personality defines the combination of qualities that form an individual’s character, nature, temperament and identity. We are all different individuals so we all think differently. We all have own set of rules and regulations, that makes us different from others. Our character, temperament, likes, dislikes all differ from each other. Our environment in which we have been brought up lives a very significant impact on individual’s personality. Our environment includes home, school, college, friends, social gathering and lot of things. Our first school is home and we learn all the basics of our life from there itself be it good or bad. If the atmosphere surrounding us is good then we turn out to be sophisticated and wise mannered but if it is bad then we turn out to be barbarous and uncouth. Interaction with people is another important factor that makes personality different from others. One should be an extrovert and not an introvert because the more we talk to people the more we gain confidence and we feel at ease to share our feelings, thoughts, views, opinion, ideas and innovations with them. There is one more major component that defines our personality i.e Attitude that form’s an individual’s personality. An individual must be optimistic because with the help of this qualitie one can be successful in his/her life. Thus a good personality leads one to the path of success.

How does personality play vital role in your success?

Personality plays vital role in your success because it decides the way that people think about you. Your personality influence your attitudes, your behavior in groups and the way you make decision. At the workplace personality affects the things such as motivation, performance, and leadership. At any situation, everyone handles it based upon his or her beliefs, personal values and specialty. These specialties are developed throughout his or her lifetime. Personality is a very broad topic and considers the physical as well as mental status of an individual. If there is an interview or your workplace your overall personality plays vital role in your success. This is the main reason for increasing interest of people in personality development programs.

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